Colin Quigley an assistant probation officer and his crimes against humanity

colin-quigleyColin Quigley (XXX-XXX-XXXX), an assistant probation officer, lied directly to a probationer after the probationer successfully completed a three year probation term based on fraudulent documents created by the corrupt Cattaraugus County DA’s Office (Article 1Article 2Article 3) as well as the corrupt County Chief Court Clerks Office.

When you are exposing the criminal nature of corrupt county employees you will discover their main defense is “we/they made a mistake” in their attempt to cover up their crimes. Once is understandable, but when the “mistakes” multiply into hundreds and can be linked to “mistakes” of other corrupt employees who have an interest in the same case, all of which denies a citizen their rights, sorry, that is called a pattern and practice and is also defined as racketeering and organized corruption (RICO) and Colin Quigley is part of the problem that is leading to another lawsuit by the same individual who is now suing District Attorney for 3 million and the county for 1 million. These other events that took place outside of the events of that caused the first lawsuit.

If he is your “probation  officer” (and we use that term loosely) make sure you document everything, every time you talk to him over the phone or in person and back it up with a follow up e-mail or text repeating the content of the conversation. This will help keep him ‘honest’ (or at least attempt to).

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