Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Department Launches Pilot Dash-Cam Program

A little over two weeks after we published the FOIL request results in which we finally acquired the Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Body Cam Policy/Orders, we have discovered that the Sheriffs Office is running a dash cam pilot program…  

cattaraugus-county-dash-cam-pilot-programThe county had purchased Axon body cameras (Axon is now partnering with commie China) for use on all patrols to be worn by deputies, but not for utilization as dash cams. The body cam systems work perfectly except when they are confiscating firearms from victims of the corrupt local deep state via Operation Redcoat.

This was easily seen in one recent 2nd Amendment confiscation operation where four Cattaraugus County deputies showed up, all with body cams, in which a local citizen’s arms were taken from him with no law that allowed them to do so. Make no mistake about it Ladies and Gentleman, they are coming after your ability to defend yourself in this county, to disarm you, and this was a test case…  Why didn’t you hear this in the local MSM news?  

A FOIL request was filed on the confiscation matter and the FOIL results showed that only one ‘officer’ had video taped the event. The other three did not. Not only was this a clear violation of our 2nd Amendment Rights of We the People, it was also a clear violation of the body cam order/policy. Were they held accountable, or did they all record the event and the Sheriff’s department has refused to release them? More on this issue in another article. Back to the original purpose of this article….

How are they proceeding with this pilot car cam program? Will they rig it to make it appear that it is not cost effective?

One of the standard practices to rig a program like this so the stats show it is not cost effective is to place the pilot program dash cams with deputies who actually follow the rules/law, not the ones that don’t. When you have good law enforcement, the complaints are minimal and the stats won’t show any tangible results. Its the bad apples that need too be a part of a program like this, to document their conduct. That is where you will see the results. But alas…. this is Cattaraugus County, where the rule of law is on permanent vacation….where justice does not go to die… its dead on arrival…. 

Body and Dash cams can do wonders for building community trust…

Click to enlarge for high detail.

Click to enlarge for high detail.

As quoted by “For those departments who use dash cams every day, courts often request this footage as evidence. In addition, if the community is aware of the use of dash cams within their police department, it can help citizens better understand police situations. This also creates trust between the community and their local police department, as citizens often believe that if their police officers are being filmed, they will not hide anything.” 

We didn’t see anything in the local papers? Did you? If you or your lawyer are unaware of a dash cam being in use, how will you know to subpoena the evidence?

For good cops it will protect them, for bad one it will provide evidence to remove them.

Documented publishing date of body cam policy article, June 10, 2018. Click to enlarge.

Documented publishing date of body cam policy article, June 10, 2018. Click to enlarge.

Ironically it appears that the county took our advice and are using the exact dash cam mounting system that was shown in the article originally published on June 10, 2018. One more article, one more blow to the corrupt local deep state.

Further will you ever see the city of Olean implement a program to keep lying Ryan Aylor honest?

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