Cattaraugus County Republican Election Commissioner Sue A. Fries mock’s citizens exercising their constitutional rights

Two Citizens have come forward as witnesses and stated that on September 9th, 2015, while a group of concerned citizens where exercising their 1st Amendment rights one was threatened with a lawsuit and two others were mocked by Sue A. Fries, one of the two election commissioner’s of Cattaraugus County New York. Further proof it is illegal to exercise your constitutional and civil rights in Cattaraugus County New York.  That wasn’t all that happened that day…

Republican-Election-Commissioner-Sue-Fries-lackeySue A. Fries is nothing but an establishment lackey. Her contempt for the citizens of New York was easily seen on  September 9th, 2015, when she mocked two individuals who were exercising their 1st Amendment rights outside of the Cattaraugus County Building in 301 Court Street, Little Valley, New York 14755.

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Republican Election-Commissioner Mode-of-Transportation. Taxpayer funded?

Republican Election-Commissioner Mode-of-Transportation. Taxpayer funded?

She appears to be the Republican Election Commissioner of Cattaraugus County and drives around in a vehicle that appears to be bought by you the taxpayers. She is part of the establishment and could care less about the rights of you, the people of New York. See how are tax dollars are spent folks? Is it any wonder why Cattaraugus County is one of the poorest in the state?

This is why you have people like Donald Trump & Ben Carson leading in the polls and drawing huge crowds. People are sick and tired of the status quo and want some real change and it is very apparent the Sue Fries is part of the problem and not the solution.

Anyone who would hold a position of this nature and mock individuals who are exercising their constitutional and civil rights needs to be removed and replaced by someone who understands constitutional and civil rights and respects them. She is nothing but a parasite who exists off of the backs of the hardworking taxpayers of this county.

Further, another individual of the group,  who is another victim of the criminal Lori Rieman, while exercising their 1st  Amendment Rights that day was approached by another individual and threatened with a lawsuit. We are attempting to identify this thing and once we identify her we will post who she is and what part of the establishment she works for. It will most likely be the criminal cabal of Lori Rieman.

The group exercising their 1st Amendment Rights received thumbs ups, hand waives of approval and honking horns from the majority of passers-by. It appears that there are a majority of people who consider the county government corrupt also. Out of all the cars and people that passed by, the witnesses reported only three were negative;

  • Sue Fries, who mocked two of the individuals of the group
  • The individual who threatened one of the group members for exercising their constitutional rights. This person has since been identified as Bridget Ann McCue Marshall, the wife of William Preston Marshall, AKA Baby Face Finster.
  • A male passenger in a red jeep liberty (we have the license plate number)