Two Cattaraugus County DA’s Tag Team One Pro-Se Litigant

Not to be outdone by all the other corruption taking place in Cattaraugus County, New York, in a recent hearing two assistant DA’s appeared before the court in a pre-trial conference hearing to argue against one pro-se Litigant.

Gee…. but pro-se litigants don’t know what they are doing, or talking about, do they?

Click to see full viewIf this pro-se doesn’t, then why did it take two DA’s to attempt to ‘argue’ against him in a hearing?

Goes to show you, if you actually stand up for peoples  Constitutional and Civil rights in Cattaraugus County the local ‘powers-that-want-to-be’ will stop at nothing to destroy you. They will place you under illegal surveillance, follow you around while out to dinner, spread viscous rumors, etc… all in an attempt to get you to capitulate to their criminal activity.

One has to wonder how long it has been going on and how many victim’s are cowering in the corner to afraid to speak out and do something about it. No more…

Back to their latest levels of evil; these people will stoop to the lowest levels of humanity to accomplish their goals, Their criminal activity goes beyond the pale, it is truly amazing.

The original alleged ‘DA’ Elizabeth N Ensell, that is one of the primary causes of this article,  i-love-new-york-illegal-to-remain-silentappeared with another alleged ‘DA’; Kelly Balcom to “tag team”  a single pro-se litigant. This was an obvious attempt by these two to confuse and misdirect the pro-se litigant, which is illegal and in fact they did so.

Would you expect anything less from them? Further proof of a personal vendetta by agents of the Cattaraugus County’s DA’s office against someone who would dare to defend their rights.

Now that has this occurred, the pro-se litigant could easily demand that they produce the law, rule, regulation, etc… that would allow them to appear together against one individual, whether the lone individual be a lawyer, or someone ‘appearing’ by themselves. These things are definitely part of of the problem in the county, not the solution.

It is apparent by their actions, which drop to a level of shear desperation on their part, that they are trying to protect someone, who are they trying to protect?

Themselves, Bryan Schwabenbauer, or someone else?

The transcripts will surely appear interesting.

Stay tune, it’s getting interesting….


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