Cattaraugus County Court Clerk Jane St John Claims She Doesn’t Tamper with Public Records!

On August 31, 2017, a victim of the overwhelming corruption that has been uncovered in Cattaraugus County New York, home of the most corrupt court system in the State of New York and possibly the United States was told by Cattaraugus County Court Clerk Jane St John he was not allowed to review his court record anymore because it was in appeal. First of all it was not in appeal and second the public has the right to review any court record they please. There are some exceptions to this right such as family court and sealed records where the general public is not allowed access to, however the parties involved are. Click here for the Commission on Public Access to Court Records, Report to the Chief Judge of the State of New York and corresponding exhibit 3.

On August 31, 2017 St. John would imply that because the victim had appealed his conviction that he no longer had access to his record. She would also claim that there was no one available to allow the victim to review the court file and security may not have been available either. The reason the victim ‘needs’ security is over a alleged incident concerning Jillian Koch. This incident occurred on June 10, 2016 when the victim went to review his file concerning a indictment of ten counts, nine of which were traffic tickets and one was a misdemeanor. Yes, in Cattaraugus County New York you can be indicted for traffic tickets mind you Koch, Rieman and the personal secretary to Ploetz had just accomplished shutting down this website the day before over fraudulent accusations that the website was providing personal information about them, which it never has done. This caused a delay in the victim getting to the courthouse on Friday for one final review. The criminal Koch would allegedly file a complaint with the Sheriff’s Office and from that point forward the victim was not allowed to enter the county building without being escorted by armed personal. When the victim demanded a copy of the complaint and/or notes the Sheriff’s Office personal admitted it did not exist.


Dry hinders and impedes access to public records. Click to Enlarge.

However, the victim still needs to be escorted and he has to call before he shows up. Right after the trial the victim had forced upon him by a Deputy Allen Defoe a letter from the top criminal in the clerks office, Verna Dry, and when we mean right after the trial, it was right after the verdict was read, like they knew the outcome before it was read. Vera was the one who selected the jury pool and then it was broken down into panels by Jane St. John, and she would make it appear that those jurors were randomly picked by making it appear as if she was using a lottery wheel to ‘randomly’ chose them, yet miraculously over 85% of the first panel would be local government employees or well acquainted with them and 79% of the that same profile on the second panel. This led to a trial jury of over 60% of the same profile, with one jury member possibly being dead since 2010. This set a new standard for “the fix in a New York minute is in”

Verna claimed that the victim would have to call in to make an appointment to visit. Now that he is in the setting up of the appeal, time is of the essence and guess what, they don’t have the personal to be available for him to visit now so he won’t be able to review the record. This is how a criminal organization is run.

Jane would go off on the deep end on August 31, 2017, when the victim called her out with some truth after she stated that he had already been there for an hour that week and implied that was enough. When the victim responded that the only reason he was visiting was because they are constantly tampering with the record and that was the need to the constantly review it. Jane lost it and did one of the usual deep state moves “how dare you insinuate I would do something like that” type of responses and told the victim he was not allowed to visit anymore that week.

Here the video that proves what we just said;

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The victim has found a host of tampering with his record. This week he discovered the article that the criminal Elizabeth Ensell attempted to use to prove that the victim had made inconsistent statements was missing from the court file, so he filed a JL 255 request that the clerks search the file a certify that it is not there.

This is the same article that Ensell refused to enter into trial evidence after Ploetz allowed her to make a conclusion of law that the jury would have taken as the truth even though it was not.

evidence-sheet-1Ensell refuses to enter
CatCountyCorruption article
into evidence. Click to enlarge.

“…Judge, I think I want to ask if we can approach real quick just because of the way inconsistent statements work.” Here Ensell implied that what she was about to provide to the Jury was an example using the Defendant’s testimony and article (click here for the actual article she attempted to used) to show them a perfect example of what inconsistent statements are, however Ensell failed in the attempt and refused to enter the article into evidence, however the jury not being knowledgeable of the ploy she just committed did not catch her criminal conduct in the matter.

inconsistent-statements-workEnsell on inconsistent
statements. Click to enlarge.

On top of that she even admitted during jury instruction deliberations  that no inconsistent statements were made. Also it must be noted that the exhibit entry sheet for the trial, for the defense does not describe the exhibits entered for the defense, unlike the type written ones for the People. This will allow the court clerks to alter the exhibits for the defense, which they have been caught fabricating or altering evidence in the public record on multiple occasions.

Also, when you file an appeal you have to settle the record. When you settle the record both side agree to what the record should contain on the appeal. If you don’t want it to contain documentation that you don’t feel is important to the appeal you can leave it out, proving both sides agree to it. That is called a stipulation.

This document signed by Jane St John was discovered in an appeal to the 4th department of another victim who ended up winning by a unanimously decision and the Appellant division.

On the night of February 27, 2016 Mr. Kochan had been given the only certified copies of this appeal in Buffalo by another victim that almost cost Mr Kochan his life. This is what he was carrying that early morning when he was stop by being boxed in against Ellicottville Police Department policy, guns drawn on him in two seconds and window shot out about 30 seconds later because he did not open his door quick enough with guns still pointing at him and his hands in the air, which he was found guilty of Obstruction of Governmental Administration with a jury comprised of over 50% local government employees and another 16% who were relatives and/or good friends with local government employees

Tampered/Fabricated Public Record Evidence Created by Cattaraugus County Court Clerk Jane St John. Click to Enlarge

Tampered/Fabricated Public Record Evidence Created by Cattaraugus County Court Clerk Jane St John. Click to Enlarge

This forged/tampered with document appears in the stipulated record of the appeal as page three.  You will notice that the original judges name is whited out and another judges name is forged over top of it. The forged Judge was Ploetz. The date of the document is also important. ‘Judge’ Ronald Ploetz was never a judge when the fabricated crime occurred and the victim has never been in front of Ploetz for a VTL-1192-2 violation ever. Further, the victim has never been accused of any type driving while intoxicated in Cattaraugus County in his life. 

This document signed by Jane St John, and it is a complete forgery and was used by the Department of Criminal Justice to create a rap sheet that stuck with the victim for his whole life and destroy is chances of getting a job, in other words it destroys this victims ability to support his family. These are the kinds of criminal’s we have employed as local government employees in this county, and they think it’s funny when they do this to you, your family and friends…






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