CatCountyCorruption Protests at Buffalo City Hall in Close Proximity to the 8th Judicial District Headquarters.

On October 9th, 2015 a group of citizens from the Cattaraugus County area of New York gathered for a protest outside of Buffalo City Hall in close proximity to the 8th Judicial District headquarters of Western New York. They gathered to protest the corruption occurring in Cattaraugus County, specifically the District Attorney’s Office and DA Lori P Rieman and ADA William Preston Marshall, as well as the County Court Clerk’s Office and the Rights of all New Yorker’s when they are called to Jury Duty or Grand Jury Duty….

buffalo-city-hall-protestThe protest was set up on short notice and the weather was not cooperating in this late morning of early October. However this did not deter the group. They were determined to get the word out on the vast amount of corruption occurring in the Southern Tier and the rights of all New Yorker’s when they are called to Jury Duty or Grand jury Duty.

pepsi-boy-floydWhen they first arrived they were intercepted by the flunkies of City hall who tried to shut down the protests right away. One flunky dress in black immediately accused one member of the protesting group of deliberately yelling in his ear, a flat out lie. This guy was downing so many Pepsi’s one had to wonder why he was not toting around a kidney dialysis machine. The protesters decided to name him Pepsi Boy Floyd.

Another deflector/interceptor who was later identified as one Kevin McGuire also attempted to deny the group their 1st Amendment Rights. One of the Protesters shut McGuire down right away. When McGuire and Pepsi Boy Floyd failed to stop the protest they then attempted to enlist the Buffalo Police Department to do their dirty work. It did not work, they would have nothing to do with it. The Buffalo Police Department left after they talked to the protesters realizing they were exercising their constitutional rights. Hat’s off to the fine officers the protesters talked to that day. It’s good to see law enforcement upholding their oaths of office.

kevin-mcguire-buffalo-new-yorkOnce the attempt to set up the constitutional deprivation zone failed the criminals McGuire and Pepsi boy disappeared. The protesters spent the rest of the day handing out leaflets on Grand Jury Rights and discussing the problems we as New Yorker’s face when confronting the criminal element that exists in the local government of Western New York.

The protesters also discussed with the people race-baiting and a host of other issues the criminal element utilizes to keep we as a people fighting upon ourselves and keeping us divided while the chains of tyranny are slowly slipped around us. It was very exhilarating to see all were in agreement with the issues that plague us today. The highlight of the protest was when what appeared to be a tour bus of young school children came for a tour of city hall. The protesters described how they were exercising their constitutional rights to the delight of many of the children…

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