Cat County District Attorney Lori Rieman Sets the Stage for Lynching Seneca Native Americans

First it was the Pro-Se’s case, then the one that led up to the four million dollar lawsuit. We thought we had seen it all, then we were contacted by a Seneca Native American who’s story about his run-in with the “District Attorney” & “Law Enforcement” with his family members and what they are doing to them should belong at the international criminal court located in The Hague…

We thought we heard and seen it all, the lies, the fabrication of evidence, the destruction of evidence, the cover-ups, etc…. but alas, it was not to be. Catt County “District Attorney” Lori  Rieman and her criminal RICO cabal just can’t stop, more carnage, more families destroyed, more, more, more…

We were contacted in the late fall by a Seneca Son and Father who were accused of beating up an individual who had turned his car into a lethal weapon. The event occurred on a cold December morning in 2013 and what would follow should send chills down the spine of all people worldwide…

Bryce Stahlman was driving his father Brad home in the early morning hours of December 29th, 2013, in his new Chevy Silverado. He had just dropped off a couple after a gathering of local sports enthusiasts. Bryce is an amateur Boxer/MMA fighter and that was what the gathering they had just left was about. Brad lives a couple of houses down on the opposite side of the street of his ex-wife, Byyces mother. As they are approaching his fathers house they start to pass his mothers house. They both notice a unfamiliar car in his mothers driveway and what appears to be a struggle going on. He rolls down the window an asks if anythings wrong. The woman yells out to the effect that she is in trouble. She breaks away from the individual who was still in his car (he was holding her by his hand through the rolled down window). He reverse car and heads down the steep narrow driveway slamming right into the front drivers side quarter panel of Bryce’s new truck. The driver of the car just turned it into a lethal weapon. The driver throws it back into forward and flys back up the driveway just missing his mother.

His mother makes it around to the back of the car yelling at the assailant as Bryce and his father exit Bryce’s newly destroyed truck. As Bryce’s mother is yelling at her assailant from behind his car, the assailant reverses again and backs into his mother and knocks her over shattering her upper arm and elbow that has never completely healed. The car comes to a stop. She starts rolling down the steep driveway. Bryce’s father Brad catches up to her as Bryce is yelling at the assailant to stop and making his way to the driver side door of the assailants car. Bryce’s father fearing that the assailant will continue on his path of death and destruction grabs his ex-wife and attempts to get her out of the way, as he does so, the assailant’s car hits his father knocking him over.

If this was a police encounter where the police cruiser was slammed into, and one of the officers was knocked over, how do you think it would end up folks? The car would most likely ended up looking like Swiss cheese and the assailant would be in the morgue, and in this instant matter the police would have been more than justified in employing lethal force.

The Salamanca police show up, they go down to the station around 3:30 AM and take their statements. All three, Bryce, his father Brad and the car drivers blood is drawn. Guess what happens? One of the blood samples comes up missing, can you guess which one it is? Why its the car drivers, the Salamanca Police Department are at a loss on how it came up missing. This is standard practice here in Cattaraugus County where law enforcement and/or court personal destroy evidence, it happened in the Pro-Se’s case in which a video taken of a hearing in the Little Valley town court was destroyed by court personal and the law firm representing the Town would then have the audacity to claim that the Pro-Se did not have the right to the video. This is the same law firm that bailed on the Pro-Se’s Article 78 action, when the town had to call in Wagner & Hart, the law firm that represents the county when it is sued in federal court for crimes against citizens/humanity. The conduct of this law firm in the Article 78 proceeding is another one for the history books.

Both Bryce’s and Brads blood samples are sent to the lab and the results come back ZERO BAC. There are other witnesses, one who saw the whole thing as well as Bryce’s mother. The assailants smashed up car sits in the driveway for a minimum of 2 days UNSECURED. Standard procedure requires that evidence be immediately secured, not sitting around where anyone can do whatever to it. Sounds like their needs to be some heads rolling on this one. However this is Catt county so they probably get promotions. There are beer cans/bottles and 1oz liquor bottles all over the inside. Bryce and his father are under the belief that the police will do their jobs. That they would take all of the witnesses statements, gather the evidence and everything would show they were in the right. They would soon discover that they made the biggest mistakes of their lives.

All goes quite for about a week, then in the early morning hours five cop cars show up at Bryce’s fathers house. One Salamanca PD Officer Ronda Stanton tells his father that they are worried for his safety because the assailants family may be after them. They want him to come down to the police station, so he goes, once he gets there everything changes. It turns into an interrogation and they demand to know where Bryce is. Nothing more is said about their concern for safety. They had gotten him down to the station under false pretenses. Bryce’s father would soon come to discover that he was now the ‘assailant’. It seems decades earlier he was a deeply involved in tax protests and in one instance he and a group of other Seneca were assaulted by the Salamanca PD, and it turned into a federal lawsuit. No good deeds go unpunished in Cattaraugus County New York.

They would soon pick up Bryce and interrogate him. They would threaten him with “throwing the book at him” and demand that he testify against his father. They wanted to have him falsely claim that it was his father that put the assailant in the hospital. Bryce tells them to pound salt. A deposition by Bryce would mysterious appear, signed by a cop who now works for the town of Hamburg Police Department claiming that Bryce just voluntary walked into the police station and gave a statement to the cop and the interview took place in the interview room. How convenient… However there was NO VIDEO MADE of this interview, Bryce claims it never even occurred. Who do you believe, the cop or the victim of an out of control police state? OK, so there was no video made, how about all of the other video cameras that located at the station. There should be at least one showing that he walked in voluntary. Where is it? 

In February of 2014 Brad’s girlfriend, who is now his wife and half way through her first pregnancy is picked up for allegedly selling one pain killer tablet to a undercover informant. That’s one tablet folks, not two, three, etc… just one. OK. I have a bridge to sell you. She allegedly committed this act in 2012. TWO YEARS BEFORE! She is given the same treatment. Turn on your boyfriend/partner and testify to something he did not commit and all your criminal matters will disappear. Does this sound familiar folks? This is the same thing that they did to another family that has led to a four million dollar lawsuit against the county and the DA that we the taxpayers are flipping the bill for. In the four million dollar lawsuit they threaten to take the families minor children away if the wife did not testified to something she did not see. This wasn’t the only criminal acts of the Cat County RICO criminal cabal. One of the witnesses who saw everything attempted numerous times to contact the Samalanca PD and they are ignored. Bryce’s mother attempts to file assault charges against the assailant and the Salamanca PD does not allow her to. One witness who saw the assailant drinking in a bar that evening, to the point of heavy intoxication would die. Further, they did not conduct a BAC test on the assailant. Now why didn’t the Salamanca PD do their job? The real assailant is white, could that be it, or we also wonder if he is connected to anyone? Could it be the party the victim attended had connections with law enforcement? Or did someone call in a favor?

Everything goes quiet, the months and a year rolls by. Bryce and his father go about their daily lives, then April 2015 rolls around. Both Bryce and his father are picked up and arraigned on felony assault charges based on Grand Jury indictments. If found guilty they are both facing a mandatory minimum of five years in prison. They were provided with the grand jury minutes. It clearly shows that members of the grand Jury were wondering about the beer bottles/cans and liquor bottles that appeared at the scene. The Assailants car looked like a rolling liquor store . However the lead investigator who testified before the grand Jury, one Ronda Stanton Bush would deflect their attention away from that issue.

Judge Himelein States Ronda's testimony to the Grand Jury is untrue.

Judge Himelein States Ronda’s testimony to the Grand Jury is untrue.

This appears to be the same Ronda Stanton Bush who was caught perjuring herself in front of a grand jury in which two kids were falsely accused of raping a girl. That led to a federal lawsuit against the City of Salamanca, the Salamanca PD and Ronda herself. You see how this works folks? They are all criminals and they need to be held accountable for their crimes, and guess who was the ADA that prosecuted the case that led to the lawsuit? Why it was none Lori Reiman, the present DA. After discussing the issues with the latest victims one stated that while being interviewed by “Ronda”, she would turn off the recorder and threaten them, then turn it back on. That’s a real good honest investigator.

The case (1:10-cv-000248-RJA-JMM) was settled out of court and here is the final order on 07/31/2013;

Minute Entry for proceedings held before Hon. Jeremiah J. McCarthy: Settlement Conference held on 7/31/2013. Settlement reached and placed on the record. APPEARANCES: Esam A. Elbadawi and Michael Riehler for Plaintiff; Plaintiffs Joshua Kinder and Shane Gogel were present; Paula M. Eade Newcomb and Dale A. Ehman for Defendants; In-house counsel for Defendant City of Salamanca present and Defendant Stanton present.

A settlement has been reached in this case, the material terms of which were placed on the record at today’s proceeding. The amount of the settlement will remain confidential. The parties agree that this case may be dismissed on the merits, but without prejudice to the right, within 60 days, to reopen the case if the settlement is not consummated. SO ORDERED. Issued by Hon. Jeremiah J. McCarthy on 7/31/13.

Topix has a good thread on Ronda here;

Here is the Olean Times Herald Story on the lawsuit. While we do not support establishment news organizations because all they provide the citizens with only the biased establishment story, this one does have some truths in it:

So Bryce and his father confused as to what is going on accept the assistance of the public defender who does not file a 5 day motion to throw out the grand jury indictment so they can testify in front of the grand jury and call the witnesses and such, so the grand jury can hear their side of the story. Bryce and his father were being set up for a good old fashion lynching be the Cat County Criminal RICO cabal. Then in mid November of 2015 they appear at a Huntley hearing. This is a hearing that admissions/statements made by witnesses, and suspects, including the police, and the statements are determined to be allowed or thrown out. Bryce is confronted by a cop who he has never seen before. The Cop testifies that it is he who Bryce gave statements to, Bryce is left speechless. The cop lies on the stand that he deposed Bryce at 3:30 PM the same day as the alleged incident. The public defender doesn’t seem to mind what is going on. It will be interesting to see if the videos of the police station as well as the depositions themselves, that occurred that day are still available when they are subpoenaed. That will prove what actually occurred, or will the videos be destroyed like the one in Little Valley concerning a Pro-Se case, which it appears that the Catt County Criminal RICO cabal has no problem destroying evidence, That is up to a 20 year federal crime.

Bryce and his farther realize that they are about to be lynched by Rieman and her criminal cohorts, so in desperate bid they search out and locate a courageous defense attorney out of Buffalo, Matt Albert. an affordable take no prisoners type. He is very well aware of the constitutional and civil rights issues that is occurring here in Catt County. They retain him one day before Thanksgiving, the 25rd of November 2015. At the next pretrial hearing, on Monday, November 30th, about a week before the trial, Bryce and his father appear but Matt cannot show up that day because he has another legal matter to attend to. he came in late but he still accepted it. At the hearing Bryce and his Father tell the court that they have retained the services of a private attorney and they ask the court for an adjournment so Matt has time to set up a defense. They only retained him about a two weeks before the scheduled trial. Bryce and his Father would also request that the public defender fax the file he has on them to Matt immediately. 

UPDATE 12/8/15: At the Jury Selection conducted on December 8th, 2015, Matt Albert, lawyer for the accused gets adjournment granted until late January 2106.

UPDATE 12/26/15: Jury Trial starts at 9:00 AM

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