Cat County Corruption Goes Big Time!

internet-valorIn Today’s World of Deceit , It is a Badge of Honor When Facebook Censor’s Your Website!

Facebook is a perfect example of how everything is controlled and how you can identify it. You can get the word out on social media, but only to a point…

You only get flack when your over the target.

flack1We noticed over the last couple of days the FB likes and FB shares the site has been getting were disappearing, we did not give it much thought, because when you are exposing the truth, evil will stop at nothing to stop you and Facebook is a prime example of it. Facebook has a history of doing this. They will delete fanpages and such in order hide the truth. That’s why you should always have a separate website to get the word out.

The important thing to remember is always have friends who can let you see things from their point-of-view.  Thanks TMCDSD…

When you are funded by questionable sources, you are beholden to their every request. And it is always a ‘request’, and when you don’t heed their “request”, you might end up like one of the greatest innovators of our time, Steve Jobs…


A brilliant man, lost his company because he cared about the customer, came back and created some of the most innovative devices that our race has ever known (up to this point of disclosure).

Back to the original story; ccc or C² noticed that pages were being edited, where specific words, at specific emotional phrase targets points were being corrupted. They also noticed that the big G was requiring phrase specific search engine term submissions (PSETS). However, that is a subject for another article.

Lets go back to facebook issue.

Have any of you had this happen to you?

Notice the wording of the request; “Facebook thinks this site might be unsafe. If you are not familiar with it, please provide feedback by marking it as spam (you will be brought back to Facebook).”

The whole statement is in the negative aspect of the narrative, there is nothing positive in it. It is not neutral  and therefore most people will automatically click in the negative.

facebook-censors-c2Are you part of the non critical-thinking crowd, or are you a real thinker? Tell FB to pound salt.

the-thinkerIf you have had this happen to your website, or have seen your facebook fanpage ‘disappear’ consider yourself part of the REAL alternative media, the ones who care about your country and its people and be damn the detractors,

For hell has no fury like a idea who’s time has come.

We also noticed that every time you click the facebook link to the site, you get the same message over and over…

Facebook even created a page about their “policy”  (Don’t bother reading the facebook part, read the comments) OK, so where is the race, religion and hatred issue with CCC?




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