Buffalo News Exposes Corrupt Cattaraugus County DA Lori Rieman Again.

Soon to be filed Appeal with determine just how bad the corruption is and if it extends into the judicial branch in Western New York and how far. Below is an editorial that appeared in the Buffalo News concerning the Metcalf murder cover up by Cattaraugus County District Attorney Lori Rieman. See the links to the Buffalo News articles below the image for more proof that Cattaraugus County New York’s District Attorney is the real criminal…

Lori Reiman Coversup Murder-metcalf

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What Ever Happened to the ‘Investigations’ into these alleged ‘Suicides’ & Murders in Catt County?

Wayne Street suspect reportedly commits suicide in Cattaraugus County Jail.
Sheriff won’t confirm identity, says death investigation underway – Click here for article.

Another ‘Suicide’ While in Custody in Catt County. We have a fellow citizen, Stephen Schindlbeck, who lost his life at the hands of our public servants.  He was going to be charged with a two felonies yet he had harmed no one, unlike Catherine Ensell who is a very violent individual and her daddy John always covers up for her. This alleged suicide occurred in the Olean Jail. Do we remember the three suicides in the Cattaraugus County Jail that took place in a period of six months in 2014 and not a word about what became of it? And what about the Metcalf murder investigation that ‘DA’ Lori Rieman is in ‘charge’ of? There are some very concerning twists in the recent ‘suicide’ in the Olean Jail. Click here for article.

Cattaraugus County jail reports third suicide in 6 months. LITTLE VALLEY, N.Y. — For the third time since October, an inmate at the Cattaraugus County Jail has apparently committed suicide. Sheriff Timothy S. Whitcomb said it is believed that an inmate committed suicide at the jail late last Wednesday morning. He said the inmate was found unresponsive in his cell. The sheriff said he couldn’t offer any other information about the deceased prisoner until an investigation into the death is completed. Click here for article.

Murder in Cattaraugus County: A True Crime in Search of Justice. The ongoing investigation and discoveries by award winning author Barbara Pavlock concerning the murder of her brother.  Click here for article.

Buffalo News Articles….

Clock runs out on two possible charges in death of Holding Center inmate. Click here for article.

Holding Center victim’s uncle appeals for action; DA calls it ‘threat’. Click here for article.

Prosecutor delayed release of Metcalf decision until after Election Day. Click here for article.

“After sitting on the case until the statute of limitations expired on the most likely charges, and after Election Day passed in 2017, Rieman said she would not prosecute anyone for Metcalf’s death.” Click here for article. 

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