DA Lori Reiman Needs Armed Guard to Walk Her Around a Secured Building, Paranoia?

In the latest round of ignorance, stupidity and everything that is wrong with our country in today’s world, where the epidemie of it exists in Cattaraugus County, New York,  the District Attorney of Catt County, one Lori P Reiman is so scared of a Pro-Se’s paperwork she needs an armed guard escorting her around a secured building to “protect” her from the “paper cuts” of a Pro-se’s truth… This is after all Cattaraugus County New York, where law and reason are on permanent vacation…

lori-rieman-catt-county-buildingThe Cattaraugus County Building is one of the most secure buildings in Western New York. You can’t get in without being scanned to enter a building that you own, and, on top of that,  half of the individuals who work at this place are armed.

So how scared or worried should us taxpayers be when we wish to pay a visit at our building? We shouldn’t be, but the criminally insane District attorney is…

She is so scared of reality she exists in, she needs an armed guard to protect her every time she takes a walk. This was proven in the latest battle between good and evil, in which a Pro-Se litigant had to appear at a hearing in the Supreme Court over a issue that Reiman was lying about and engaged in criminal conduct.

When the psychotic Rieman walked by the Pro-Se she could not even look him in the eye… why? Because she knew she was lying about everything and she could not succeed without the help of her criminal RICO network, so she had to reach out to her best friend Eddy & Mark, who threaten the Pro-Se with sanctions, which proves again the criminal network in Cattaraugus considers it a crime to defend  yourself.

Feroleto recommends a Article 78 for the Pro-Se

Feroleto recommends a Article 78 for the Pro-Se

Gee, I wonder what Judge Paula Feroleto, the administrative law judge of the 8th judicial district has to say about that? Back in June of 2015 the Pro-Se sent a letter to Judge Paula Feroleto about the criminal activity of Verna Dry and her cohorts. It was over the fact that Verna claimed it was illegal to videotape your own court file to prove what was in it and when. The affidavit the Pro-Se sent to Judge Feroleto detailed everything, including the irmes committed by Rieman and the fact that that the simplified informations were not signed therefore the courts had no jurisdiction. Also included in the affidavit was the criminal activity of Verna and her associates. In one of her responses Judge Feroleto recommended an Article 78 proceeding! yes, that’s right, one of the top judges in western New York recommended an article 78. But according to Eddy Wagner of Wagner & Hart the Pro-Se Article 78 was frivolous and sanctions should be imposed becasue the Pro-Se was defending himself, which is illegal in Cattaraugus County  See what kind of criminals we have infesting the court system here in Western New York?

There conduct is subject to other articles that will expose them for who they really are. This criminal network is the arch nemesis of the truth and the Citizens who live in Cattaraugus County, which were needed to help her out…. and need to be exposed and brought to justice. Is it any wonder why Cattaraugus County is one of the poorest counties in New York?

Jillian Koch is a prime example of the criminal network. She has constantly tampered with the file in the Pro-Se case which is up to a twenty year prison sentence. It is so bad that they had to bring in one of the top law firms in the county in a attempt to get them out of the trouble they are in. It not going to work, this “top” firm committed so many exceptionally serious acts of misconduct they exposed themselves as to who they really are. This is the same firm that claims the Pro-Se is not allowed to defend himself and actually lied to its own client.

Rieman is so scared of the innocent people she has put’s away and/or destroys that she needs an armed guard escorting her around a secured building. What a joke. Has it really come to this, where those who are sworn to protect us are scared of us? Sorry to say, yes it has folks…

especially in Cattaraugus County New York…

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