Cattaraugus County Assistant District Attorney William Preston Marshall Exposed in More Criminal Conduct

Seems like CatCountyCorruption isn’t the only one who thinks that employees within the Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s Office are a bunch of criminals. When you have a lawyer who was a former US Attorney General for eight years and stationed in Washington DC  telling it like it is concerning the criminally incompetent Attorneys that work for the District Attorney’s Office, well…. Cattaraugus we have a problem….

Attorney Dan DeRose is a former Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia who practices out of Olean, NY. Baby Face Finster, AKA “Assistant District Attorney” (and we use that term loosely) William Preston Marshall is a sniveling criminally natured little jerk. Marshall is constantly changing his name around in the pathetic attempt to cover-up his immoral and illegal conduct. He enjoys setting people up including members of his own profession. As you can see, Mr. DeRose has no problem telling it like it is, his letter speaks volumes on the criminal nature of Marshall…. Read It for yourself below (Click to enlarge)


This is just more proof that the Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s Office is nothing but  criminal enterprise, run by criminals, for criminals.

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Federal Lawsuit Against DA Lori Rieman & her ADA Employees concerning their temperament and psychological makeup. Click to enlarge.

Even law firms out of Buffalo are claiming the same thing. In a 4 million dollar lawsuit filed against Rieman by one of the top firms in Buffalo, the firm stated on record that; Defendants were negligent in the hiring of the aforesaid agents, servants and/or employees in that they knew, or in the exercise of reasonable care should have known, that said agents, servants and/or employees of Defendant did not possess the temperament and psychological makeup to properly carry out their duties as responsible government officials. You can’t make this stuff up folks…     

Click here to download copy of paragraph 96 of federal complaint from another former assistant US Attorney.

Let’s provide you with a breakdown of the criminals employed at the Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s Office;

corrupt-riemanLORI RIEMAN: The Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s Office in New York State uses the same tactics found throughout history, like in Stalin’s Russia, to stifle individuals who are exercising their rights, constitutional, civil, or otherwise, especially individuals who are defending themselves in court against public corruption and in doing so are attempting to protect all New Yorker’s Rights…. click here for full article Cattaraugus County “DA” Lori Rieman and her cohorts have committed so many criminal acts it boggles the mind, evidence of jury rigging, terrorizing family members, kidnapping children, etc… it has everything for the next  John Grisham novel… Your tax dollars hard at work folks…click here for full story.

AMBER KERLING: First Chair ‘ADA’ Amber Kerling was found guilty of Prosecutorial Misconduct by the Appellant Division“…the prosecutor engaged in misconduct on several occasions, and we reach defendant’s unpreserved contention as a matter of discretion in the interest of justice (see CPL 470.15 [6] [a]). Here, the prosecutor engaged in misconduct during her closing statement… Perhaps most egregiously, in arguing that the jury should reject defendant’s testimony that he confessed falsely to the police because he needed to use the bathroom, the prosecutor gave her personal opinion regarding defendant’s credibility by stating that she would sit in her own urine rather than falsely admit that she committed a crime.”


Actual Article: ADA Kerling charged with prosecutorial Misconduct. DA Remain admits it is her fault. Click to enlarge

We can only conclude herein that the prosecutor’s inflammatory [comments had] a decided tendency to prejudice the jury against the defendant’ “ (People v Ballerstein, 52 AD3d 1192, 1194, quoting People v Ashwal, 39 NY2d 105, 110). Consequently, we conclude that the cumulative effect of the prosecutorial misconduct, which substantially prejudiced defendant’s rights (see generally People v Calabria, 94 NY2d 519, 523), requires reversal.” (People v Case).  Rieman stated in the article concerning Kerling’s ‘ethical’ conduct that; “Anytime she is concerned about ethics, she comes to me”. In other words she admitted that she herself was to blame.



William Preston Marshall: Top Joke of New York State. Click to enlarge.

WILLIAM PRESTON MARSHALL:ADA’ William Preston Marshall, is another perfect example of a criminal. in one case he threatened the wife who’s husband was on trial for charges that were eventually dismissed on appeal to due Marshall’s criminal misconduct. The threat was that if the she did not testify against her husband to something she did not see Marshall would have her minor children taken away from them. As documented above, it is clear Marshall does not have the “temperament and psychological makeup to properly carry out [his] duties as [a] responsible government official.” ‘ADA’ William Preston Marshall conduct was the cause of the suit, and when a Pro-se litigant who is exposing vast corruption in Cattaraugus County, New York,  was force to go to court in April, one William Preston Marshall, AKA Preston Marshall, AKA Bill Marshall (he keeps coming up with variances on his name, we wonder why), we call him Baby Face Finster,  was the one representing the People. Yes that is Baby Face Finster, dressed up pretending he is Tom Cruise of Top Gun. When you are finished with this article you will discover who is in need of a mental exam.

william-preston--bill-marshall-wife-cBRIDGET MARSHALL:  “ADA” William Preston Marshall  would enlist the help of his wife Bridget Marshall, herself an attorney, at a court hearing who would take a seat right behind her husband’s victim so she could overhear the privileged communications between the Victim’s Attorney and victim. She would report this back to “ADA” Elizabeth Ensell another co–conspirator who has engaged in many criminal acts in this matter also. Bridget would actually hit the Victim in this hearing which the Victim would object to, his Attorney would also and others and that would be illegally edited out of the audio transcript. 

When shes not busy covering up her crimes, such as running over a pedestrian suffering from cerebral palsy in a clearly marked cross walk and having the local police department cover that up, or covering up her sister violent crimes such as stabbing a woman or hitting another one over the head with a Goldschlager bottle, she is busy masquerading as an assistant district attorney who constantly lies in court to cover up her criminal incompetence.  ‘ADA’ Elizabeth Ensell. Ms. Ensell family who’s father John worked for the Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s Office also. It appears he has covered up at least one murder.

Further Elizabeth’s sister Catherine has had numerous run-ins with the law and always seems to get off the hook by being able to plead out to a simple misdemeanor. This includes felony assaults with deadly weapons and drug dealing, the latest being drug dealing in which she and three other people were indicted on a four count indictment. Two of the defendants did not appear to have any criminal record, one had a minor one and Catherine had quite an extensive list of crimes by the time the drug charges came around, including stabbing one woman and beating another one over the head with a goldschlager bottle which required serious hospitalization. In the drug indictment matter Catherine gets to plead down to a misdemeanor and the rest all had to plead to a felony.

elizardbeth-elizabeth-ensell-ada-lawyer-new-yorkOn too Elizabeth; She constantly lies to the courts, and to defense counsels which is violation of NY Attorney Code of Ethics RULE 3.1 (b) (3), and RULE 3.3 (a) (1); “make a false statement of fact or law to a tribunal or fail to correct a false statement of material f act or law previously made to the tribunal by the lawyer;” When it comes right down to it, Elizabeth is actually more dangerous then her sister.

john-ensell-cold-case-cattaraugus-new-yorkJOHN ENSELL: John Ensell is the father of ‘ADA’ Elizabeth, and Catherine Ensell. He is also a cold case ‘investigator’ for the Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s Office, the same place his daughter works now (as of 10/01/17). John has also been under the microscope by the Sister of a man who appears to have been murdered in Salamanca/Killbuck area. Don’t expect any justice or real investigation from him. His ‘investigations’ (and we use the term loosely) have been very questionable to say the least. Barbara Pavlock PhD, the Sister of a murdered family member is a professional author and English literature professor, award winner in her profession, and has written a number of journal articles and two significant books on literature. Her quest to find her brothers killer offers the chilling reality of how deep the corruption goes in Cattaraugus County due in part to multi-generational nepotism that has infested our local government agencies that permeates the county. To review the problems Ms. Pavlock has been having getting to the bottom of her brother’s murder click here for part one, click here for part two, click here for part three, click here for part four, click here for part five, click here for part six, click here for part eight, click here for part nine, click here for part ten, click here for part eleven, click here for part twelve.

olive-oyl-kelly-balcomKELLY BALCOM (Olive Oyl): She would state in one court case concerning her victim that the District Attorney’s Office “…weren’t there for the majority of this, Your Honor. We came in at the end. So, I couldn’t speak to everything that the other court has done. That is not one of the court’s that we generally cover.”  Since the matter occurred in Cattaraugus County and the Cattaraugus County district attorney is responsible for representing the People in all criminal matters in the county, then exactly who do she claim was representing the people?  This one one of the numerous lies she would state at here two appearance. IN BOTH CASES THE JUDGES IMMEDIATELY  AND VOLUNTARY RECUSED THEMSELVES FROM THE MATTER. Most likely due to her and Ensell’s misconduct. Click here for more information.




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