Another Cattaraugus County Corrupt Employee Exposed – Dan Gonska

On October 6th, 2015 a small group of citizens who are exposing the vast corruption emanating from the completely corrupt Cattaraugus County New York District Attorneys Office protested in front of the Olean City Building. When they first arrived they were met by a Captain of the Olean Police Department who was, for the most part very cordial. He started off with the fact that the protesters were allowed to protest, which unlike a sheriffs deputy (when the group first started protesting) stated the group was not allowed to protest on public property, the Olean Officer and the protester laid out the rules in which they were to follow, which was reasonable for the most part, except for one issue and it dealt with his interpretation versus the protesters.

dan-gonska-cattaraugus-county-criminal-1After that was complete the protesters proceeded to the front of the building and were met by thumbs up, honking horns and support from the passing motorists and walking pedestrians.

Then the protesters noticed a guard in the entrance laughing and making derogatory hand gestures towards the protesters, i.e. mocking the protesters in their exercise of their constitution rights. At the time one of the protesters was talking to a group of pedestrians, when the protester pointed out the guard the pedestrians immediately identified him as Cattaraugus County Sheriffs Deputy Dan Gonska and they described him as a complete jerk and, well we won’t describe the other words they had for him.  He probably never held a real job in his life and lives off of the taxpayer dole and enjoys terrorizing taxpayers every chance he gets, unlike other public employees who really do  service to the taxpayers and care about helping them.

Dunkin’ Donuts Dan would go on for the rest of the day mocking the protesters while on duty. The most rewarding aspect of the action of this thing was when the protester asked any other individuals who were walking into or out of the building who the guard was, everyone knew Dunkin’ Donuts Dan’s name and they all stated he was a jerk. Another individual, by the name of Colin Quigley, who is another county employee would also come to the entrance and mock the protesters. Colin Quigley is a probation officer who’s actions are leading to another lawsuit against the county.

The protesters discovered that Gonska & Quigley are both rats and cannot stand the light of day. As soon as anyone of the protesters displayed or attempted to use their weapons of mass exposure (cellphones video taping and/or photographing their unprofessional conduct) the rats ran and hid. It was quite amusing seeing this occur, especially  with Dunkin’ Donuts Dan. He would start making threatening and derogatory gestures towards the protesters and he would literally run and hide, one time he almost ran into a wall.

What a joke. The State Police (A least those who were being honest) have already admitted to some of the victims we have interviewed that the County’s District Attorney’s office is messed up and that the crimes they committed can also be reviewed and prosecuted by the FBI.

We will soon be releasing a training video for the Cattaraugus County Sheriffs Department that will have clips and pics of the protests and the criminal actions of the Cattaraugus County Sheriffs department, which will prove that the Sheriffs Office actually trains their deputies on how to violate citizens rights instead of how to protect them, and how they should respond to citizens exercising their constitutional and civil rights.

We may even include the videos of the rats running and hiding when the weapons of mass exposure are trained on them. We may even have the one where Dunkin’ Donuts Dan almost ran into the wall.  Further, we must note that it appeared that there was no interference or unprofessional conduct by Olean public employees that day, at that event they all appeared to act in a professional manner, unlike the Sheriffs Department. If you have any stories about issues you have in the Olean area and what to get the word out let us know by clicking here.


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