Ad Hominem Attacks and How to Spot the Real Liar

The standard practice with people promoting the official false narratives is to attach the messenger and not the message thereby proving the message is accurate.  This has occurred numerous times concerning published articles. This article helps you identify who is telling the truth and who is not. conspiracy-theory-tin-foil-hat-cuckoosThis is the standard practice of individuals who are incapable of challenging the truth because they have no facts to back up a false narrative they are attempting to push on a unsuspecting public. They resort to outright lying and attacking the individuals such as the authors on this site in a attempt to control the narrative. When that fails they resort censorship. You will never see them properly refute a article/message they target. This is called Ad hominem. Attack the messenger, not the message.

Ad hominem (Latin for “to the man” or “to the person”[1]), short for argumentum ad hominem, is a fallacious argumentative strategy whereby genuine discussion of the topic at hand is avoided by instead attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the argument, rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself. Its original meaning was an argument “calculated to appeal to the person addressed more than to impartial reason” [2].

ad-hominem-attack-boot-lickerA recent series of articles brought this clearly into view. It concerned the shooting of a pet by the Olean Police department under questionable conditions. We simply zoomed the video and amplified the audio to determine if the dog was indeed being aggressive. There were no indications of that occurring. It clearly showed the police did not appear to be worried about their safety either except setting up the kill zone to wack the dog. The dog did have a history of biting and the co-owner appeared to have been abusive towards it. When identifying who the attackers are really, discernment is a key. Something these things do not have.

This led to an all out attack in the website the writers and other individuals. The attackers could not refute a thing so the censorship campaign commenced. Here are the articles and the things involved. Three key players were identified. Here are their original names; Dana RothHarold Richard;Mistopher Chran. A number of them and/or their minions turned out to have fake facebook accounts and/or names;

  • OPD Blows Away Family Pet June 15, 2018, Corrupt SPCA Involved
    • No person listed that directly concerned the matter.
  • FOIL Filed on Dana Roth and Harold Richard Issue
    • Don Blocher: The individual who took and posted the video.
    • Dana Roth, Three time married mid thirty-ish, also known as Dana Blocher, AKA/Dana Baker and AKA/Dana Pruesser. She would come out and attack Don and anyone who supported him. She would also attack an animal rights attorney out of Buffalo. This included but was not limited posting personal information of her target(s), which included address and other contact information in which one family with a minor child was harassed at there home soon after. We wonder if she would like to have her personal information spread across the internet. We would soon discover Dana was related to Don.
    • Harold Richard: Individual who would come forward online to claim that he witnessed the whole three hour event. From start to finish, yet he did not have one picture or video to back anything up. We would discover that he lives in Wisconsin and had 14 facebook friends.
  • Strange Twists in the Dog Shooting Incident – Website Suspended – Back Online
    • Harold Richard: In a strange twist of events we discovered he was related to Dana Roth also. He admitted it on the Facebook page. So you have three individuals all related to each other, Possible fake profile.
    • Bobby Nagrom: local Antifa fan/supporter and self professed crisis actor. His original real name was/is Bobby Morgan. Morgan/Nagrom was the first Ad Hominem attacker against CatCountyCorruption’s Facbook page. He failed and/or refused to identify any accuracy issues with any articles including the one he targeted.
    • Mistopher Chran: Moderator on Olean Traffic and Safety Facebook page. Self proclaimed professional crisis actor and possible corrupt confidential informant. CatCountyCorruption Facebook page went dark as soon as he was backed into a corner with questions. Moderator(s) lost all access to facebook to comment/defend themselves.  We would also discover that Mistopher Chran is a fake account/name. Actual name is Christopher Maynard and also goes by the name of Christopher Mahn with family history of law enforcement. Scary that an individual is a moderator on one of the larger social network site which comments always appear to get shut down when corrupt law enforcement is getting called out. Maynard/Mahn/Chran would follow the same Ad Hominem pattern and practice as Morgan/Nagrom in attacking the writer(s) and commenters of the articles yet failed and/or refused to point out the inaccuracies. Maynard would also admit he was a liar, a habitual one at that, and that he conspired with Dana Roth to push a false narrative on the dog shooting incident.  Maynard did admit to be one of the harassers who showed up at the persons house based on the information Dana Roth posted on the targeted individual, only a fool would trust anything this lunatic says. He forte is mixing lies with truth in order confuse people to push his agenda. This thing loves to manipulate and conspire against individuals who have been victimized by the corrupt system proving he is part of it.
    • J.E. Coleman: Alleged journalist out of Jackson County Texas who refused to provide any evidence she was one, such as actual articles she had published. Also runs animal rescue and rehabilitation locations in Jackson County Texas but would support Roth and Richard’s shooting of the dog. She is the “professional” brought in to give her “expert” opinion on the articles on this site concerning the dog shooting. The hit job if you will, on the articles, which of course she attempted and failed. Coleman would also delete postings after we pointing out her lack of knowledge on subjects related to the matter and the comment with contact information for the campaign to shut down the website. She would also be the one that help assist in the censorship campaign against the website and Facebook webpage which ended up causing the suspension of both.
    • Raven Hillyard: thing out of Buffalo New York, friend of Dana Roth. Hillyard is the originator of the campaign to shut down the website and/or Facebook webpage. Hope Raven understands the phrase “demand to preserve”. I don’t think your shape shifting is going to help you now.
  • Local Facebook Group Posts Status of CatCountyCorruption FB Page Suspension.
    • Mistopher Chran: AKA/Christopher Maynard reappears again. In this one we detailed the fact that the facebook webpage got shut down as we were backing him into a corner and calling him out as a agent and/or servant for the corrupt local deep state. What was apparent is the shut down did not follow standard Facebook procedures. When facebook shuts down a page it provides the description of the community standard allegedly violated and give you the ability to file an appeal/review. In this matter none of that occurred.
    • Stephanie Marshall: Another friend of Dana Roth who would spam the facebook website page with the typical Ad Hominem garbage. She was ban from the page but would later appear on the Olean Politics page and engage in the same behavior.
    • Cheryl Snyder: A real winner. Her favorite behavior on the Olean Politics forum is posting valueless memes that are designed to incite anger among opposing political and religious ideologies. Not on for unifying citizens, by enjoys dividing them. She would come in and support Marshall and engage in the usual slander against another individual claiming that the person had accused her of being a pedophile. We called her out on it by posting the proof and in the usual manner she played the victim card as she always does. She would delete that comment once she was called out on it. She constantly lies and always exposed for it and deletes he posts and/or comments when she is called out on them and claims others post her comments in a manner to make it appear that they are doing to to takes hers out of context, which is a complete lie.
  • Controlled Opposition Loses it. Creates Cry Closet Safe Space to Run and Hide in… Maynard Attempts to Come to the Rescue and Fails.

[1] “Ad hominem”. Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. Retrieved 19 February 2013.
[2] Fowler, H. W. (1926), A Dictionary of Modern English Usage (under Technical Terms)


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