97 Rock Reynolds Denies Access to County Court File!

It just does not stop. In a local court case in Cattaraugus County New York, a Pro-Se litigant has been uncovering a vast amount of corruption in the County. In one of the latest violations of Constitutional and Civil Law, the Secretary for the County Judge denied a pro-se litigant access to the complete court file on the matter of the pro-se litigant! You can’t make this stuff up. Another first in the annuals of New York State Justice!

Ms. Reynolds, i.e. Mary Reynold’s, appears to be the same  Mary Reynold’s that threatened to sue 97 Rock a while back for…

97-rock-renyolds…not living up to their side of the bargain.  This appears to be the same Mary Reynolds who threatened to sue 97 Rock when they were having a $10,000.00 and the requirements were, they would announce four digits, and if the four digits matched the last four numbers of YOUR social security card and you were the first one to call in, you won the 10K. Well 97 Rock announced the winning numbers and Mary called in first and claimed that she had a match. Only problem was, it wasn’t her number, it was her son’s, who was a minor at the time. When 97 Rock found out, they said no, so Mary threatened to sue and 97 Rock capitulated to her demands. This is the kind of people who work for the local Cattaraugus County government.

Now, back to the case at hand…

In another twist of a bazaar case unfolding in Cattaraugus County New York, in which a pro-se litigant is exposing wide spread corruption in the legal system ther, which includes the Cattaraugus County Sheriffs Office (they have already formally admitted that they do not have any type of oversight), the District Attorney’s Office and the Judicial branch of the Cattaraugus County, the secretary to the County judge would not let a Pro-Se defendant review the complete file on his matter. This appears to be another first in the annuals of New York State Justice! Not only is he not allowed to review a file concerning his matter in a town court, he is not allowed to review the county file either!

The Pro-se, on February 17th, 2015, went to the Cattaraugus County Court Clerks Office to obtain certified copies of the various documents in the Cattaraugus County Court file in his matter. The Court Clerk did not appear to be there at the time. All these gals up there have been very kind and helpful.

The Pro-se decided he would wait. After about thirty minutes of waiting a lady, who the Pro-Se did not know and had never seen before came to the counter. She could be of assistance. The Pro-se would discover that it was one Mary Reynolds, secretary to the Judge.  The Pro-se stated his needs and Reynolds stated what he could and could not make copies of in the file. Reynolds would not even let him look at what was in the complete file.

The Pro-se then asked politely again to review the complete file. Reynolds started to review and remove documents from the file, placing the docuements into two groups. Ones the Pro-se could have copies of, and ones he could not. The Pro-se objected this action however in fear for his wellbeing he did not argue anymore on the issue of separation.

Reynolds then stated she did not have the authority to provide him with certified copies which the Pro-se stated that was the reason he was there for and that he would wait for certified copies. Reynolds went to the copy machine and started to make copies. Pro-se then stated his right again to have access and have copies made of what was contained in the file. Reynolds while at the copy machine stated “You’ll have to fight for them”. Yeap, go old Catt County where they make up the law as they go to cover up their crimes

Reynolds then came back to the counter with two of the copies the Pro-se wished to have certified. Reynolds then implied they were certified. The Pro-se stated they were not certified and Reynolds states she was just here doing Pro-se ‘a favor’, some favor. He has never been denied access to review the court file until Machais denied him that right and now the Cattaraugus County Court. Reynolds further stated that the Pro-se could take the copies made and go down stairs to the county clerks office and get them certified, which Pro-se stated he could not do that and that there was more than the two copies that were required.

Reynolds then stated to the Pro-se that could take the file down, the ones he was allowed to copy, to clerks office which the Pro-se understood the chain of custody better then Reynolds. He said he would not touch the file because of the chain of custody mandate to which Reynolds then took the ‘allowable’ parts of the file with her and her and the Pro-se went down to the County Clerks office to make certified copies.

OK, you have to ask yourself, why wasn’t the Pro Se allowed to view the whole file and WHY WOULD SHE ALLOW SOMEONE, OTHER THEN A COURT CLERK TO TAKE POSSESSION OF THEIR COURT FILE. Does this regularly go on? How many files have been tampered with? 

Whats in the file that the County Court does not want the Pro Se to see?

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