730-30 Motions and How New York State Murders its Own Citizens Without Trial

In New York State, considered one of the most corrupt states in the county, if any citizen who is working for change exposes any aspect of a completely corrupt political system they maybe forced to undergo what is called a 730.30 examination, which can lead to the citizen being chemically lobotomized by a completely corrupt state government financed mental health system. In this report we will show you how one individual was forced to undergo two examinations by individuals who a county community service director, the individual in control of county mental heath system  failed and/or refused to provide proof they were even qualified to conduct the exams… 730-30-motion-new-york-state-corruption-murderWe will further show you how these ‘examiners’ lied on the exam results in the hopes of forcing their targeted victim into a state certified OMH facility to place him on dangerous psychopharmacological drugs that can end up killing the targeted victim.

The targeted victim then degrades into a shell of what they once were where depending on the drugs they are forced to take. In the hospitals where New York’s “restoration treatments” take place, doctors can secure court orders to medicate patients over their objection. The forced poisons, which are any antipsychotics cause weight gain and Parkinson’s-like muscular condition called tardive dyskinesia. These are just some of the dangerous side effects that can and do occur in people forced to take these types of medications. SSRI’s a standard drug prescribed/force upon targeted victims are also linked to violent behavior causing death.

This starts off with a cover-up by law enforcement when they handcuffed a man to a metal chair then brutality assaulted him to the point of knocking him unconsciousness. The assaulter had been previously sued in federal court for substantially similar conduct as well as perjury in which numerous individuals provided evidence he committed perjury. How was he punished for his conduct? Cattaraugus County saw it fit to keep him on his present rank and provide him with raises. The individual who was assaulted decided to represent himself pro-se. While living in Pennsylvania he had taken his case up to the Supreme Court and won a previous case in New York where it was terminated in his favor and all the records sealed. Three judges have recused themselves from the matter voluntarily, one of which the matter was not even in front of. This appears to be a first in New York State Jurisprudence. It’s one thing to call for the recusal of a judge, its another when the judge steps down on their own accord. The ADA prosecuting the case is the same ADA who’s conduct was ruled illegal by a superior court judge. This ADA’s action led to a four million dollar lawsuit against the District Attorney of Cattaraugus County and the County itself. Further of the four alleged ‘charges’ that were ‘filed’, three of them are not signed, which requires them to be dismissed upon arraignment, and the four, “Obstruction of Government Administration” was for remaining silent. At one hearing, a DMV hearing, the “administrative judge” is yelling at him the whole time and the judge tries to take over the victims cross-examination of the ‘officer’ who started the whole mess. The officer contradicts himself numerous times and the transcript proves it. At another hearing he is constantly being yelled at by another judge because the judge wants the victim to be re-arraigned again in the same charges. Once your arraigned on state wide charges, you can’t be re-arraigned on the original charges unless the charges were thrown out, which they were not. The whole time the courts are demanding that the victim get a lawyer. Why? Three of the four charges are not signed and the forth one is for remaining silent and he has already taken a case up to the supreme court. Why should he pay the expense of a lawyer?

So the victim ends up in front of the Little Valley Court after being transferred from the other two. The Little Valley court tries to force a public defender down his throat which the victim refuses.  The judge ignores the fact that three of the four charges are not signed and have to be thrown out and the fourth one has to be thrown out because it it facially flawed. You cannot claim the exercise of the right to remain silent is a crime. At this April action the judge schedules the trial to occur one day before the victims birthday and schedules nothing else. A video tape is made of the hearing which is promptly destroyed by court personal, or those acting as agents of court personal. Destruction of court records is up to a twenty year prison sentence.

The illegal and unlawful trial is to occur in July. However the judge and the ADA decide to ambush the victim with another pretrial hearing. By this time the victim has had enough, and because this Judge completely ignored the fact that when questions of subject matter jurisdiction are raised the court must review and rule on the matter, and the judge did not, The victim readied three motions;

  1. Motion to recuse (the first one he ever created in the whole matter);
  2. 30,30 motion to dismiss because of time limits;
  3. Motion to dismiss for lack of Jurisdiction which he served upon the people and filed with the court. The judge completely ignored everything and still threatens to move ahead to trial. So realizing that it was completely illegal the victim asked for subpoenas. ADA William Preston Marshall immanently calls for a 730.30 motion to have the victim examined to see if he understands the law and can assist in his own defense. Marshall is also the same person that claimed that an accused person has no rights whatsoever. He, along with his boss Lori Rieman are the prime example of what is wrong with the system today. That’s how it works folks in New York. In Cattaraugus County New York, they will force people who have a lawyer to go pro-se and they will force people who represent themselves pro-se to get a lawyer using 703.30 motions (see article 1234). See how it works?

It is very apparent that this man is being targeted for standing up for the rights of all New Yorker’s and exposing the criminal elements that exist in the State of New York as well as Cattaraugus County.

One of the purposes that Marshall engaged in this tactic was in the hopes the victim would get lost in New York’s mental health system.  Defendants involved in the competency restoration system in New York state which CPL 730 governs the process. Doctors, lawyers and advocates all of whom have inside knowledge of the system and direct contact with defendants involved in competency proceedings estimate that between one-quarter and two-thirds of all defendants committed for competency restoration under Section 730 end up going through the system multiple times on the same charge — hundreds of people each year.

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