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Kochan v Prumbs – Court Refuse to Reference or Quote any Pleadings of its Victim

The most controversial was the ‘interpretation’ of the June 6, 2019 transcript in which Sally Broad ESQ, attorney for Defendant Olean General Hospital, Cindy Wickstrom RN and Upper Allegheny Health System Inc. (now owed by Kaleida Health), alleged that the court limited Plaintiff to only two addition causes of action(s) in his amended complaint. Sally Broad ESQ is the same individual who introduced illegally acquired evidence in a federal lawsuit against former Ellicottville Police Department Officer Matthew Albanese and it appears former Cattaraugus County Sheriff Deputy Bryan H Schwabenbauer (who has a history of roughing up citizens). Continue reading

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Kochan v Prumbs – Discover just how Corrupt the Cattaraugus County Supreme Court is, but how far…

…up the ladder does it go? In New York State the State Reporter is the one responsible for publishing court decisions that appear online, on websites such as westlaw, or Appellant decisions from the appellant courts are mandated to be published pursuant to Judiciary Law 431.  In western New York that would be the 4th department in Rochester (as well as the Court of Appeals).   However, when it comes to county, supreme, town and village courts, known as trial courts, Judiciary Law 431 states that “any cause determined in any other court which the state reporter, with the approval of the court of appeals, considers worthy of being reported because of its usefulness as a precedent or its importance as a matter of public interest.”, or “unless otherwise directed by the court deciding the cause”…guess which lower court case was published?… Continue reading

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