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Citizens Guide to Police Encounters

The Supreme Court has stated you should never talk to a cop.

Good info video on what to do, and not to do when you encounter police.  It’s always good to video record any encounter and/or have witnesses.

Don’t forget to video tape everything!

Read what rights you have when dealing with a police officer

Local Pro Se Makes Another Historical First! First Person in the History of the United States to be Indicted without a Grand Jury!

A local Pro Se defendant has made a lot of history in the realms of law lately;

  1. First in U.S. history to denied constitutional and civil rights by a law that does not exist.

  2. First in U.S. history to be indicted without a grand jury even being formed.

  3. First in U.S. history to be arraign twice (attempted that is) on the same bogus crime, which they cannot do.

district-attorney-criminal-lori-cat-county-indictedIn another first, and stunning twist of stupidly and criminally by Cattaraugus County, New York, District Attorney Lori Rieman, and her band of criminals, she now claims she has the authority to indict an individual without a Grand Jury even being formed.

Indictment (from Blacks Law dictionary, 6th addition); A accusation in writing found and presented by a grand jury…

Here is another amazing feat of Rieman. She also claimed in her response to her Pro Se victim that a grand jury was not empaneled and the Cattaraugus County Judge affirmed it (We don’t think Lori told the County Judge the truth about want was really going on). Continue reading

A Father’s Activism Changed the Law: Cops in Wisconsin No Longer Allowed to Investigate Themselves

When the Rights of One American are Violated, the Rights of All Americans are Violated, Including Yours

Long before the Ferguson situation occurred, another young man named Michael B. was shot and killed by a police officer. His father’s relentless activism led to changes in the law surrounding how police-involved death cases are investigated in Wisconsin. We need the same here in New York, including no DA’s allowed!

Ten years ago, 21-year-old Michael Bell Jr. pulled up to the house where he lived with his mom and sister in Kenosha, Wis., about an hour south of Milwaukee. A police officer who, according to a police report chose to follow Bell after observing his driving, arrived shortly after. A subsequent toxicology report showed that Bell had been drinking that night. Continue reading

He Resisted Arrest and Other Main Stream Media Lies


The other big issue MSMM (Main Stream Moron Media (ABCNBCCBSCNN)) is trying to sell the American Public is “Don’t Resist” terminology through their neuro linguistic programming techniques.

This is very apparent in the Eric Garner case in New York. Read about the bombshell interview that took place with Benjamin Carr. Benjamin Carr is Eric Garner’s stepfather, who was in the media recently peacefully resolving a situation with an angry protester. If you dig a little deeper we see that Pantaleo, the man who was responsible for Garner’s death, has been sued three times for violating the constitutional rights of other black males in the area, by performing humiliating strip searches and fondling the genitalia of his victims, some of them in public view.

“Don’t Resist” Yeah….

It worked really good for these folks…

They did what they were told, did not resist, and look what that got them…

Continue reading

How to Indict a Ham Sandwich, Eric Garner and Other New York Grand Jury Problems

jfkeric-garnerWith all the focus on corrupt police murdering citizens, like our fellow New Yorker Eric Garner, who was allegedly selling single cigarettes, at $0.50 CENTS A PIECE! and Grand Jury’s appearing to do nothing about it, we need to take the time to look at what a Grand Jury is supposed to be, versus what it is today.

Strange how this website came out espousing the importance of Grand Jury’s and within months the hegelian dialectic kicks in at full force. 

Continue reading

I Don’t Answer Questions – Watch and be Amazed

The Supreme Court has stated you should never talk to a cop.

Watch how these fellow citizens exercise their rights. It is truly amazing .

But don’t attempt to exercise your rights in Cattaraugus County New York, it’s illegal, and if you attempt to exercise your rights, you will be beaten by a known thug and perjurer and knocked out.

Don’t forget to video tape everything!

Read what rights you have when dealing with a police officer